Long-form content and blogs

I write thoroughly researched editorial content like blogs, articles and newsletters. These are optimized for SEO and social media. Just a few examples:

8 ways to make your New Year’s Resolutions stick
3 ways your company can get the most out of value-based health care
Everything to know about strokes that can fit in one infographic
7 ways to relieve work-related pain at home
Intro to health insurance
Protect your small business against data loss

My approach:

  • Keep content short without compromising on important details
  • Keep tone and personality consistent with the brand
  • Use clear headings that make it easy for readers to scan
  • Validate everything you say with sources
  • Only use original sources
  • Verify credentials from any expert or institution
  • For medical/scientific material, sources should be academic or research institutions
  • Unless validated by a third-party, don’t reference claims made by for-profit organizations

(End of soap box)