Eric Hayward is a senior-level content and design leader. His experience as a strategist, project leader, and people manager is founded on more than 20 years’ experience as a content expert, which includes a background in copywriting, content strategy, and content design.

Since 2010, Eric’s work has focused heavily on user experience (UX) including creative work as a UX writer, UX content strategist, and UX content designer, and as the manager and leader of a UX/UI and research team. In addition to his work developing complex user experiences in mobile, SaaS, and secure website enivronments, he also has a strong background in marketing and branding. Eric has provided creative direction and developed copy for marketing websites, email marketing, and online advertising.

In terms of working style, Eric favors discussion, collaboration — and if possible, the sharing of an occasional joke, and/or impassioned discussion about movies, books, and music — to help teams do their best work together. As a person, he earnestly seeks out opportunities to support a mission, which can take form both in the stated goals of an organization or simply in the way any company supports an internal culture of equity, inclusion, accessibility, and social awareness.

We might as well work together as if we lived together, is a good way of putting it.