Copywriting, content strategy and digital marketing or something

img_8066First off, this website is the shoemaker’s children.

I’m Eric, and I’ve been writing, editing, and working on content strategy for about 20 years. I love Oxford commas and am trying to use them more. About 99% of my work is electronic stuff like email marketing, planning out web sites, and writing web copy and blogs. I focus a lot on health care where I can, because it’s the closest I can get to The Good.

Content strategy. To me this means thinking about writing and where it fits. My content strategy experience often involves helping organizations who are redesigning their websites figure out what to do with their stuff.

Copywriting and creative work. I’m a copywriter with a visual approach who likes to work closely with designers. Past projects have included writing for web, mobile and email marketing.

Blogging, content marketing, and social. I write blogs and long-form content on complex topics like health care. These pieces are SEO-optimized and positioned for social and inbound marketing. I also write my own blog.

Digital strategy. I don’t love the word “digital,” but it works. Working with content often puts me in the position to help out with bigger ideas. Because content is at the center of most things. That’s why they call it content, I guess.

Thanks so much for visiting with me here. If you’d like to talk more, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

-Eric Hayward