I’m a UX content designer, writer, and strategist who leads design teams.

IMG_0325Hi, I’m Eric, and I’ve been working with content and user experience (UX) for a pretty long time now. I love Oxford commas and am trying to use them more. I enjoy building products, making websites, designing apps, and creating content for all different channels. Most of all I love leading teams. Subject-wise I’ve worked on everything from breakfast cereal and smartphones to animal husbandry and spaceship-making. Wherever I’m working I try to find The Good.

Design leadership. Leading a team offers a great opportunity to help people and watch them grow. It’s also a chance to hire and build a richly diverse and equitable workplace. The “right person for the job” isn’t so just because of their skills. The broader their perspective, the more interesting, innovative, and human their thinking and design choices become.

UX content design. This is a term I’m using for UX content strategy. After working as a UX writer, you realize being good at what you do involves a lot more than conventional writing. You start thinking about fields, buttons, and colors as “words.” You were a great storyteller to begin with, so considering the beginning, the middle, and the end of a journey is a natural fit. A solid UX design is really a series of steps to meet a goal. Sketching out a wireframe (for example) is a logical next step in your own professional evolution.

Content strategy. To me this means thinking about writing and where it fits.¬†My content strategy experience ranges from UX work to branding and marketing efforts. I suppose you could say content strategy is a few steps back from content design. If you’re redoing your website, I can help you figure out what to do with all your stuff.

Copywriting and creative work. I’m a copywriter with a visual approach who likes to work closely with designers. Past projects have included writing for web, mobile, and email marketing.

Blogging, content marketing, longer writing. I write blogs and long-form content on complex topics like health care. These pieces are thoroughly researched, SEO-ready, and positioned for social and inbound marketing.

Digital strategy. I don’t love the word “digital,” but it works. Working with content often puts me in the position to help out with bigger ideas.¬†Content is at the center of most things. That’s why they call it content, I guess.

Take a look at my resume for a more thorough view of my skills and experience.

Thanks for visiting. If you’d like to talk more, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

-Eric Hayward