Mobile and Web Copywriting

I’ve written about livestock feed additives, digital cameras, pink eye, desktop software, mobile tablets, breakfast cereal and actual spaceship parts. I don’t have a specialty but I lean toward the B2B side. I had the good fortune to write, rewrite or edit all of the health and child development copy that supports this timeless brand. My approach emphasized creating a friendly and helpful tone that was not preachy. I did this by avoiding “do this” statements in favor of “you can” statements. (Content strategy was also a part of this project.)



The Suddath Companies. I wrote or oversaw creation of all site copy and thought leadership content (e.g., both B2B and B2C blogs) for this trusted leader in global relocation, logistics and transportation. This was also the second phase of a comprehensive content strategy I developed to unify as many as 36 separate sites under a single umbrella.

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-2-00-06-pm Developed by health care leader HealthPartners, virtuwell is an online clinic that carefully captures targeted information about a range of illness and conditions, delivers them to a Certified Nurse Practitioner for review, and sends back a diagnosis, treatment plan, and a prescription to your nearest pharmacy if needed. virtuwell needed to articulate and integrate a compelling B2B employer message into its already strong B2C value proposition. Another element of this project was rewriting some of the UX content that directs customers through the app to make the tone even more helpful, more friendly and less clinical, which wasn’t that hard. They were mostly already there.


U.S. Bank. A few examples of concepts and copy I developed during my four-year tenure in the UX department of the Internet Mobile Channel. Generally, my approach was about a conversational tone more focused on ways your life and ways technology can enrich it and less focused on clicking and tapping.


U.S. Bank consumer brand messaging, optimized for the iPad


This sample shows 1) banner copy about “Photo Banking” features that capture information automatically to save you time and 2) static site messaging about the U.S. Bank Mobile app