img_8066I’m Eric. I’m a writer and strategist. (Once I had a short tenure as a security guard. In college I gave lectures at a petting zoo. Those jobs are not included in my LinkedIn profile or on my resume.) I’ve been doing this around 19 years.

Content strategy. This means not just writing, but thinking about writing and where it fits—usually in mobile, online, or responsive environments. My personal experience with content strategy has largely involved helping organizations who are redesigning their websites. They don’t know what to do with all their stuff.

Creative. I am a copywriter. I have done some time as a creative director as well. Text is a visual medium, and I like to see the way words look on the screen and how images can complete the thought. In addition to headlines, ad copy, and emails, I’ve also written plenty of longer-form content, which sometimes includes my own blog.

Client service and digital strategy. My favorite thing to do at work is serve as an advisor to executive and marketing leaders. This involves facilitating and leading discussions, making business cases, pitching ideas and fielding questions on a day to day basis. It allows me to think in terms of bigger strategy, even though I will always be a content person at heart. Because content is at the center of most things. That’s why they call it content I guess.

Style. My working style emphasizes frankness, passion and purpose. My personal style favors Vans and black tee shirts.

Thanks so much for visiting with me here. If you’d like to talk more, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

-Eric Hayward