Simpsons quote about brevity

1) Keep it conversational. Reading a B2B blog should feel like listening to a smart, friendly professional explain something interesting.

2) Humor is a big asset, but don’t try too hard.

3) The first few lines have to be interesting, and some kind of story helps. However, don’t make the introduction too long before getting to the point.

4) B2B blogs don’t have to be short. People will read long-form copy, and longer copy can also boost SEO.  Make it as long as it needs to be, not a word more.

5) If your B2B blog IS a bit long, break up the paragraphs with subheads. A reader should be able to scan the page and still understand what the post is about. If these H2 subheads contain keywords, this is good for readers AND for SEO.

6) “Listicles” are a beneficial trend, for reason #6 of 7 steps to writing a good marketing email.

7) Images are essential. Even better if they relate to the topic.
 Readers like pictures, and because of that pictures are favored by Google. (Remember, Google’s #1 goal is user experience). Also make sure image files have descriptive names. Search engines see this.

8) Identify the author. If personality or expertise add value to the product or service you are blogging about, your blog should have an identified author. Actually, all blogs should. But for some, it is more important than others. (E.g., consulting firms).

– Eric Hayward